Monday, October 27, 2008

The tasks that were completed

I had a busy weekend!
I washed laundry
Washed the sheets on our bed and Syra's crib
Put up some more stuff on Ebay
Knitted 2 new scarfs
Learned 4 new stitches in knitting
Went for bike rides
Bought some toilet paper - that is important stuff ;)
Cooked yummy meals
Vacuumed the room
Cleaned the bathroom
Straightened my hair
Swept the floors, and swifered, and put the finishing spray on the hardwood floors
I didn't get to clean the stove top, yet
I took more pictures of items that will go up for auction on Ebay
Went grocery shopping - just for the staples
I know there is more but at the moment I cannot think of anything else

Thursday, October 16, 2008


My very good friend is on a path that is winding her way to her very own airstream. So I made this mixed media painting for her as a gift!

For the love of food

My favorite food is mexican food!

I love cold Chinese food

I love cold pizza for breakfast

I love to buy fruits and veggies at the farmers market

I LOVE to cook

I love to try new things

I hate the microwave and fast food, but I do love McDonald's ice coffee!

I love apples and raspberries

Trader Joes Dark Sumatra coffee is really good!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A deeper layer of ants

After thinking about all the ants that I have encountered in my room, I started thinking about what they represent to me personally. They are amazing little creatures, with all the features they are capable of. I hate to kill them, but they are not welcome in my room, and at that point they were staging a take over!

So getting back to my original reason for this post, I looked up - ant - in Animal Speaks, by Ted Andrews. This was so interesting that I felt the need to share it with you. There was quite a bit of explanation but I will share the part that struck me the most.

Keynote: Industriousness, Order, and Discipline

"If the ant has shown up as a totem, examine your own industriousness. Are you disciplining yourself enough to accomplish the tasks at hand? Are you or those around you looking for the quick and easy way? Are you neglecting important activities? Are you laying a good foundation? Are you adding new structures to your life with each passing year in some fashion - education, jobs, hobbies, etc? Are you being patient with your efforts? Are you being patient with yourself? With others? Are you making things greater and more difficult than they need be? Are you missing an opportunity to initiate new creations and endeavors? Ant can teach you how to harness your own power to design and recreate your life and its circumstances from the ground up. Ant can show you how best to work with others for the good of everyone. Ant teaches us the regardless of circumstances, if the effort is true, the reward will follow - in the most beneficial time and manner. Ant is the promise of success through effort." - Ted Andrews

This struck me with such great force, because the ants that "suddenly appeared out of nowhere in my room" I felt appeared with a message. And it wasn't a message for me to get mad that they were there, but rather for me to look deeper in the meaning of their apperance. These are all the types of questions that pertain to my life, and the direction I am going in. When I read this is made all the sense in the world of why the ants were suddenly all over the place.

It is now at the end of the day, and after looking at the full puzzle finally pieced together with all the componets I now can see the complete picture. I got it, thank you. I am now thinking about how many ants sacrificed their lives in order for me to "get the picture". Thank you each and every tiny ant that came into my room, to show me a greater and deeper layer of my life. Some how I am thinking that I won't be forgetting these ants....again thank you.


I have just spent over an hour fighting ants. They were trying to move in. Between a vacuum and a squirt bottle with vinegar, cinnamon, and crushed red pepper all that is left now is stragglers. I feel gross and need to go take a shower.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

I realized something

I will be making some prints of my original paintings/mixed media to sell. That way my art is more affordable at this time, seeing how the economy is "doing so well" right now. So Denton and I will be working on taking photos of my stuff that we will have prints made. In the mean in time I am working on another item to sell. While I am working on that I will be posting my scarfs on etsy. So bear with me as I try to reconfigure my store, and what items I am offering at this time.

Friday, October 10, 2008

new stuff

I posted some new stuff for sale on my etsy shop! I had to let Syra play in the Tupperware cupboard so she was distracted, and I could get some work done! Whew, now I have a big Tupperware mess to clean up. Oh well, I guess it was time to reorganize it is anyways. haha Check out my new stuff. -

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Don't you just feel like screaming out loud sometimes? I wish that there was a place I could go on the edge of a cliff with no one around, and just scream as loud, and long as I can. There are some things that I have stopped trying to figure out and for everything else there's VISA. (that would work if I even had a VISA!!!) hahaha that commercial fit perfectly couldn't resist myself. Anywho, it is hard to understand why things get so weird!?! Oh well the weirdness I have just stopped looking at under microscope, it is was it is. Actually now that I am thinking about, I think these awkward moments stem from the person's uncomfortablilty of not being able to say what they really feel like saying, which in turn gives off the "weird vibe". I am learning to enjoy and be a FULL expression of myself in these weird/awkward moments.

Isn't it interesting when you get to a certain point what you are willing to deal with/put up with and what you aren't? It seems to change as you get older, and you just cannot go back to dealing with what you would have a year, two or 6 years ago? I am there my friends, there are somethings I am not willing to deal with any longer, and so it has begun.
Now that I have that out of my system, I cannot wait to post my new stuff that I have been painting. But first I need to get some pictures of them, so I shall be back.

Friday, October 3, 2008

A scarf for Syra

I knitted this scarf for Syra, I like it! It turned out super cute. And cause I like it so much I am think about knitting more to sell, any thoughts?