Sunday, September 28, 2008

Cannot miss me now

Well it has been fun to watch my little shop grow! I now have 6 people who have marked me as a favorite! That is exciting for me especially when you have none in the beginning! Anywho I was thinking of another way to get myself out there and I thought of if you are in my neck of the woods, you can't miss my bright blue subie now!

And yes that is a giraffe butt in the window! haha

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Two Birds

I made this one with my husband and I in mind. I like it. Just having fun on some watercolor paper.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It is that time again...

Hi it is me is that time to post another blog. It is getting late, baby girl is asleep, and I have some thoughts I would like to share. I have spent some time doing some research this evening, not to mention hunting black widow spiders. I think I have killed over 50 in about a week in our back yard, ughhhh. Anywho moving away from the spiders...on a random note I think I found our next bedding (very excited about that) I will buy it with my husband's card when he leaves the house tomorrow! (I kid, I kid) A girl can wish right? Nah I still have some birthday money left over, with a list of art supplies to buy and now this bedding maybe I will flip for heads or tails. hahaha Sometimes I can be so bad!

To get back on track with this blog, see how easy I get side tracked? I am writing because I have been reading blogs, getting inspired, and finally getting detailed on what I want to manifest in my life. And when I say detailed, I mean down to a nats...umm ASS! There I said it. lol

I have also been looking into doing an art show soon with the holiday season approaching too, so I am excited for that. It is still formulating, but making a goal for myself. Besides the art show I have really taken a leap, at least for me, of getting my etsy shop up, (the appearance is still under construction, need a banner that is a third done in photoshop) and finish getting all my items posted, getting this blog together. But I guess the leap part for me is that vulnerability, exposing a fleshy part to people that I don't know or do know and there is still some uncomfortableness to it. But that uncomfortableness is small compared to how GOOD it feels! It almost feels like a horse running in full gear for the first time. Gosh I miss riding horses, it has been such a part of my life up until a couple years ago.

If you know me then it should come as no surprise that I have lots of things in the works, pokers in the fire if you will. Some will come to fruition sooner than others but nonetheless I am excited about them all. More to come later on these...

Another area that excites me is meeting new people, and making new friends, ones who share the same kind of interests, passion for life and art. There are so many talented people out there, and in some way each of those that I have come across so far inspire me deeply. So thank you for that! It is getting late and as easy as it is to turn into a night owl, (my husband and I are creatures of the night) with baby girl waking early it is starting to wear me out. It is so hard to pull myself away from my projects and go to sleep, especially when this is the time, besides naps, when I can truly get in the "groove" if you will. So goodnight, sleep well and see you soon. <3 Sadye

Monday, September 15, 2008


This one is another reflection on how I was feeling. Sometimes getting anxious through this transformation process. I just want to fly already!!! I know where I am and where I want to go, it is the in between space that is hard sometimes. But I am learning a lot about myself and my journey in this life time. I am doing what I need to do, while focusing on doing what I love, so I may do what I love and make money. So I am still feeling wings, but I getting much closer to flying.

Have a heart

This piece reflects a bit of what is going on in my environment, with others. And I guess on some level I am expressing these flavor of feelings. ahaha that would make a good spice name. So I used a song that inspired me to do this piece in the background, and then away we flew with paint, paper, and GUTS. NO GUTS no GLORY.

A place...

I started this piece a while ago, and I just couldn't see it in my mind until this past weekend. It hit and my fingers could barely keep up with my brain. The girl is one of Leonardo da Vinci's, and I just think she is so beautiful. Leonardo is one guy I would like to meet, if time wasn't a factor. This reflects a space within myself that is full of color, wonder and deep thoughts about life, the world, myself, love, all of it.

New art work

It is funny how once I stepped away from my art work, and started knitting for a day or two how the ideas just came flooding in! I forgot how therapeutic knitting is for me. It helped tremendously with my nerves and my job when I was pregnant. Anywho, I am very excited to share some pictures of my new art work with you. One piece I will post once my dear friend Ella Joy receives her birthday gift, I don't want to ruin the surprise. I will blog about each piece, and included detailed pictures. I hope you enjoy, and would love to hear some of your thoughts!

Etsy it's official...

horray! My etsy shop, is officially up and running with items to buy! (Currently I have all just jewelry up for sell.) Check them out, I am still loading more things to sell, so keep checking back for more goodies!

Friday, September 12, 2008


Tonight I saw something that lead me to question again, who my real friends are. It struck a chord within myself, that reminded me to take a deeper look. I have, also been asking myself what do I need to learn from this? Why is this causing me pain? How can I grow in this? I will need some time to reflect on this situation, see how I would like to handle it. Maybe it is just time to let go of what doesn't seem to be working anymore, people change, which changes their connections with the ones around them. Things cannot always stay the same now can they? And I guess you could say that I have changed. My life is different than it was a year ago, and I wouldn't want to be any other way. It is time to have only those that love and support me and my family in their lives. To try and make it work with those who don't, is being untrue to myself.


I have so much to do! With all that I have written down to do, I feel as though I am just sitting here spinning my wheels. I think it is time to step away and do something else, change my focus up then come back and then start fresh.