Sunday, June 14, 2009

Another outfit sold!

My good friend bought this VERY cute outfit as a gift! Thank you for your business! Please tell all your friends that are having little girls you can purchase a unique article of clothing for a great price! I mean how cute are the matching bloomers!

I love bloomers :)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

So much...

I have a very long list of things I need to get done, and yet some how I just am having a hard time getting a move on! Does anyone else feel this way? I got up this morning and it is the afternoon already, and doesn't feel like I have got much done. Maybe I will try making a smaller list of things to do today....haha like I can trick my brain if I have a shorter list to look at. Maybe I will just go for a bike ride with Sy-sy and get some more milk.

I am excited about 1010's birthday coming up next week, we are going away to celebrate!