Thursday, May 17, 2012


A few months back I got an incredible opportunity to put my jewelry in an awesome boutique in Venice, CA, I started out leaving my pieces on commission. I am happy to announce that my jewelry is selling so well they are going to start buying my pieces outright! Plus, they are placing orders. I did a drop off Tuesday, got a call from them today telling me how well the new pieces are doing, and placed a larger order! I am very excited, humbled, and grateful for all the new movement happening for me with my jewelry. I have been making jewelry for years, but had difficulty putting myself out there...I am know ready to keep expanding. Thank you for all the support. Next on my list, is getting my website & logo going, making a facebook business page, getting pictures taken and uploaded to my etsy store (only two things are up for sale right now...pitiful), and start blogging again. Now I am off to work on my very first store order. YAY!