Friday, December 26, 2008

Monday, December 22, 2008

Manifestation Jars

These are some of the new manifestation jars I have finished! Here is a little blurb that comes with them. They are customizable with the outside paper that covers the canister, I have lots of options for that.
This is a manifestation jar. This is a sacred place to write down your most desired wishes, thoughts, and wants into this jar to help manifest them into the physical realm.

Since all thoughts are energy, why not apply the law of attraction to them?

Each jar comes with:
- a variety of tumbled stones
- a quartz point
- herbs
- a cotton ball with essential oils
- strips of paper to write on

Enjoy and let your mind be free,

Syran Dreams

U.N.O. Bags Part 3

This is another bag I finished! Has a liner inside, and a large pocket on back with button closures.

Dan and Melissa Gibbs

I did this mixed media piece for Dan and Melissa as a wedding present. They got married on 8-8-08 on the beach.

I wanted to give them something special, a treasure if you will. They are special to Denton and I. I am happy to say they flipped and were over the moon with this piece when I gave it to them. In the background, which is now hidden from all the paint is their wedding ceremony and vows.

I love you guys!

U.N.O. Bags Part 2

This one was a gift for my mom with a picture of Syra on it. This one is quite large, but I know she will put it to good use. I still have to finish putting some velcro on it to close the top and the back pocket.

U.N.O. Bags Part 1

I have finished some of my Un-like No Other Bags. They are going to be all sizes, but these few first ones are large! They are great cause they are multi-purpose, for example you could use them at the farmers market, and as a over night bag, etc....

The hard part is coming up with names for them. Well, going to keep moving I have so much I am trying to squeeze in and get done before Christmas

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

VNA website

Well one of my many projects is done. My first website I built is up!!! I did a new website for the family business Van Nuys Awning Company. That company is my dad's whole life, he has given up his dreams to work the business.

I built the foundation, and Denton did all the finishing work.

Anywho check out the website