Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Lady in Red _ U.N.O Bag

This one I need to finish the handle, and the closure for the top, but other than that it done.

It has a cell phone pocket on the inside and another larger. The back has one large pocket as well.

What is in her eyes is it really love?

Friday, January 16, 2009

A 98% finished UNO Bag

I am not sure of this one's name, but it will come.

This is a LARGE tote styled bag it just ended up creating itself that large. A vintage pink Christian Dior tie as the strap backed with Sunbrella, buttons, the "face" is from my friend Ken Anderson's HUMAN design (if I have that correctly), with roses & leopard leaves/feathers, and some friendly rain (cause rememeber when it rains it release negative ions in the air, and that is why it is such a lovely feeling right after it rains)

This bag has a liner, with a double pocket on the inside. With a large pocket with leopard layered heart with puffy green fern wings. I really like all the colors on this bag.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A start of a new UNO Bag

Who could this be for? hmmmmmm......

Sunday, January 11, 2009

New Movement

My husband Denton has been brewing with change, and he has created some new movement! He had an idea that struck him and he put it into action, as well as get as a great foundation website built and up! I am so excited for him!!!

His computer company is ~~~~ website

Check it out!

Monday, January 5, 2009

U.N.O. Bags Part 6

This is a smaller size bag, with some fun pockets, and buttons!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

U.N.O. Bags Part 5

So far this is one of my favorite bags I have done so far. I really don't want to part with it. I might not. muahhahah that is my evil laugh...hehe. This is the Pirate Booty Bag, that wasn't quite done from before. It is now finished, it may be sold already, but it is not for sure yet. So it may have a chance to get up on etsy for sale, but then again I might just keep it too. Time will tell. But for now here are the pictures of PIRATE BOOTY! ARgggg matey.

All made from re-loved materials, the handle is a vintage tie, it has 2 pockets on the backside one with lace, and a narrow one with a button closure. The inside pocket has a nice touch too. The top of the bag also has a button closure. I added a pretty cool button on the skulls eye on the front of the bag. Yeah the more I talk about this bag the more I want to keep it. hahaha I am so bad like that! Well I am off to go design another bag that I will probably want to keep too! Have a fabulous day, it is beautiful!!!

U.N.O. Bags Part 4

This is another bag I finished. Made from all re-loved materials, it is a bright green orchid with leopard print accessorized with brown and black, and with some cute buttons for accents. Has two pockets on the inside, one may be specifically used for a cell phone. It also has a large pocket on back, and a place to hook your keys or whatever you wish on the side tail with the knots.